Welcome to Solo Standards! We live/work in Western Nebraska on a cattle ranch.  We  ride horses, use them for ranch work and raise a few colts.  When it comes  being standard poodle breeders, well that is a passion I have over a decade of experience with.

I am in it for the long haul.  All my dogs have hips tested and certified with either OFA or Pennhip (for Hip Dysplasia). Eyes have been CERF (screened and certified normal for common eye diseases and problems.)

I breed for Royal standard poodles. I look for beauty, intelligence, temperament and health in my dogs! I proudly breed for the larger size Standard Poodle -- >Royal poodles as some people may call them. I have a TRUE LOVE for large dogs and want my Poodles to have strength, substance, and the most stable character...these are my goals.

All my puppies will be well socialized with tons of attention and handled everyday. I'll be paying special attention to everybody's personality, to assist you in your puppy selection.

My dogs live a active life and are dearly loved...they are a part of my family.  We have miles of hills and open meadows to walk, run, hike, retrieve, swim.  It is because we only have a few top notch dogs that they are able to live a full life...not limited to kennels and small pens/yards.  I strongly advocate that you visit your breeder of choice to see how the dogs live and interact with you. My dogs will walk among us, have coffee in the kitchen with us and most likely bring you a ball to throw for them.  Be picky who you get your puppy from as it supports that breeders habits...I cannot advocate that enough. 

​Jean Miller
Arthur, Ne

PLEASE, look around my website and get to know me and my dogs.  I try to represent  everything in a honest way... what you see is what you get.  CUSTOMERS,  I welcome you to pick your puppy up, meet my dogs and see how we live (I will also drive up to 4 hrs one way to meet you.)  I have worked a lifetime with animals and am proud to show you all of my dogs.   SEE below for a quick look at all my dogs and then go to  different pages on the menu to read more about them and see tons of pictures witch I UPDATE often!  I take pride in keeping my website current, informative and FUN.   
I do NOT ship my puppies via cargo!

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e-mail me at: jean@solostandards.com
~ Della ~
Re-tired from breeding and "boss dog"  on the place!
It is always good to have a old dog who just knows things.  Old Della has it down pat!
Della is 10 yrs old and healthy as a horse!
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Standard Poodle Breeders

~ Solo's Drover ~
~Whether you think you can OR Whether you think you can't...you are right ~
Henry Ford
This horse loves dogs!
Sable pups out of Iris & Drover 
Black puppies, I will always love a large, beautiful black Poodle
We get some nice ones!

Thanks for visiting, please see all our pages and get to know our dogs/breeding program!
Mike & Jean Miller
Solo Standards Royal Poodles
M4J Quarter Horses

His temperament is the best....he is irresistible...a BIG strong dog and a gentle soul. 
"Drover defines the stable temperament I look for in my dogs."
Above he is in his everyday cut...Poodles where not meant to be sissy dogs. They are extremely smart individuals with athletic bodies who should live life fully... not walk around is some out of hand man-made hairstyle that is questionable at best on how they make this breed of dog look versus what they really are in heart & soul.  

Millie is my main girl!  We will be breeding her in 2016.  She is a large female with a happy soul.  She comes from some old Poodle lines that were the true Royal size!   Please read more about her on The Girls page.
​Jean, Hattie (my granddaughter)
Drover & Millie
April 2016
Drover & Danni...like father like daughter!
please click on picture to see larger
​Danni is a pup I kept out of my Dec 2015 litter.  She is a real beauty...growing her up and enjoying every minute of it!  See more of her on "The Girls" page.
She really takes after Drover when it come to kids...very gentle pup.
Danni at 6 months
News & Announcements 
I will be adding "Solo's Millertime"
AKA..."TY" to my website.  He will be our stud dog for my Drover Daughters!
Our summer 2016 litter all left for homes last week.  See pictures on the puppy page.  Puppy shown above is my pick, she will be staying here.  We call her Cleo!  She is bright, confident and a very large pup.
Breeder Jean Miller
Welcome to Solo Standards