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This page was last updated: August 22, 2017
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Danni & Ty

Litter born 4th of July 2017!
10 big, healthy pups

These 2 dogs are both super intelligent, very athletic, love their families and like tons of hands on attention!  Ty is a very loyal dog who bonds strongly.  Danni is a all around fun dog with a huge ball drive...but she shuts it off as soon as we are done and is a perfect dog in the house, she is a gentle dog. 
These pups should be from average to large in size with the chance at getting some very large males (Danni is our other 78 lb stud dog Drover's daughter.)  I will evaluate the litter as we go on all aspects.  Both these dogs have outstanding structure and solid bone...no tweety bird legs/chests here as I do love a larger built poodle.   
 post pictures/info of the puppies every 2 weeks until they go to homes at 8 wks.  We do not pick puppies until they are 7 to 8 weeks old.  I try to work together with each customer/family.  
Danni, May 2017             Ty, June 2017
Red collar male puppy      11.9 lbs at 7 wks
  Boomer is a big chocolate brown boy, he is built just like I love to see for my male pups!  He is my laid back guy and VERY lovable.  He may sleep through a play session if you let him or prefer to just be held!  He is my granddaughter, Hattie's favorite pup and she always wants Boomer.  He has a very sturdy frame and looks like his sire's conformation.  I would like to see this pup go to a home who wants that old soul type of dog...he will love walks, ball, ect...but he will mostly be a easy going companion who remains faithful & true. *** Boomer continues to be very easy going, VERY laid back!  
Blue collar male pup   10.4 lbs at 7wks
Handsome brown pup with little splashes of white.  Another sturdy framed pup with great conformation!  Beamer will only become more striking all the time, he will be a real looker as a adult.  He is the darker brown of the two males.  He LOVES attention... play or cuddle...either way he is happy go lucky fellow and his personality is coming out more all the time.  ***This is such a handsome, middle of the pack pup...he will make a great family pet.
Pink collar, black female     10.5 lbs at 7wks 
I just noticed when I gave first baths...while blow drying her, slight brindle and/or sable on her feet & lower legs...not on her body or face as  and I really cannot say for sure if she will get more or not.  So she looks black but may change a little as she matures.  I do not think she will change much or ever be a true brindle but I will not guarantee she will stay a true black either.  She is one of the larger females, she is simply a sweetheart of a pup and will make a wonderful family member. 
 ***truly sweet, thrives on attention, great pup, pretty calm girl too!

Orange collar brown female    10.14 lbs at 7wks
Pretty, pretty solid brown girl.  She has a sturdy build and is one of the larger females.  She is sweet & lovable with that nice middle of the road type personality...I know I sound like a broken record here, but it is true.
****very lovely pup, proud to present her and will make a great family member! 
Purple collar solid black female    9.3 lbs at 7 wks
​She is so adorable. One of the smaller females as of now...I do believe even the 2 smaller females in this litter will be at least as big as their mother (55 lb range.)  She is already very inquisitive and her tail is up & wagging as she greets me.  I do love that about her already as I so love a confident poodle!  She has stayed black.
***this is a fun loving pup, smart, will not get left behind type pup, she will bloom and we love her!  Kids...great she loves them...want to take a pup everywhere...she will be up for it...want a walking, jogging partner...yep she'll love that too!
Pink & Yellow collar female   11.14 lbs at 7 wks
Black & silver sable who should look much like her grandsire, Drover....update... quit a bit of brindle showing through now.  I call her a "brindled sable." This is the largest female in the litter, actually she is the largest pup in the litter and I will be excited to see her size at maturity.  Libby is a  pretty mellow girl, is super cuddly, she is not the first one to do things but is quit the observer with a laid back attitude (do not mix that up with shy...she is not shy!) 
***I will be keeping this pup here and watching her for now.  She has become a little more active this last week and does not sit back as much but runs with the litter.  Over all I still call her laid back.
Green collar female pup   9.9 lbs at 7 wks
Another black & silver "brindle/sable"  She has tons of color in her undercoat and is actually quit flashy all the way around, what a pretty face!  To me she has the least amount of brindle and her undercoat looks more sable out of the 3 sable females.  Super correct conformation and I believe will be the size of her mother Danni...or a tad bigger, so that 55 lb range.  She is a complete delight as far as personality...outgoing & fun and just so sweet.  A true beauty!
***my opinion of this pup has stayed the same...all the way around adorable & fun! She will be a great family pet, very loving.
Black/multi collar, black female with white chin,streak on chest.   
9.10 lbs at 7wks  
This girl is staying black and growing so nicely! 
Keep a eye on her...she is going to be pretty!  She has the personality to be a great family pet and is middle of the pack in personality & size in this group of 8 females.  Like the others she loves attention, is playful and a sweet pup!
***this pup continues to bloom, I really love her and she will also be a great family dog...great with kids, great buddy for someone who wants a true companion.
 Blue collar, black female, white on chest.   10.9 lbs at 7 wks 
 This pup will most likely mature to a nice blue as her face is already changing.  Nice size female pup and she turns my head...a real lover too.  GREAT all around temperament, on the calm side and so easy to love.  
***Another calm, laid back girl, I really like her.
Dark Pink collar female  9.4 lbs at 7wks
Here is the 3rd black & silver "brindled/sable" girl.  She too has plenty of color coming out and may be the most brindled one of the 3.  She is smart as a whip, she LOVES people.  Here's a pup with tons of charm & character!  She loves to follow Hattie around and does not want to miss a thing.
​She is another one of Hattie's favorites and they are buddies!
***has stayed true to following my 2 yr old granddaughter around in a amazing way every time they are in the back yard...I love this pup's attitude.  I would love to see her go to someone with kids...she's a natural with them.  She will most likely be her mothers size as a adult.

August 15, 2017
Pups are 6 weeks old!  I think the families with deposits who have been following will be very surprised with the changes in the pictures from just 2 weeks ago!  "There is a reason that we do not pick puppies until 7 wks old."  I hope you are all as pleased as I am and ready for our conversation next week as we start to pick puppies.  I will go in order of deposits placed with a call.  I love these pups, they are ALL very people loving, fun, well adjusted, healthy and have great structure!!  I hope & pray they each go to the right home.  I have added a little more info by each picture.  They had first baths and face & paws shaved.  Each puppy will be freshly groomed again right before they leave for homes.   
Pups are using the doggie door like pro's.  Enjoying more playtime in the yard and each & every one loves their one-on-one time with tons of affection. Weaning from mom is taking place as she was ready and they are eating with vigor and growing like crazy...weighing between 7 and 9 lbs at 6 wks old.  They will all gain between 4 & 5 more lbs by the time they leave for homes at 8 wks old.  They grow the fastest the first 16 weeks...it is just amazing. 
Enjoy the pictures below!  Grandma's girl ( Hattie) is my helper as usual.

Hattie with Georgia & Stripes
​I really love the heads on all these pups...please notice the profiles and how lovely the nose, under jaws, & chins are...that makes a beautiful & strong poodle head in my opinion.  I have worked hard over the years to stamp my pups with this profile!  They all have very expressive eyes too.  And their eyes will all turn brown over the next few weeks...
"You did good Dad!"
Some fun extra photos...
Yep....Libby is a tank 
     Boomer                             Beamer               Justice           Stripes          Star
Agust 21, 2017
I kept the 6 wks pictures up & added a few 7 wk pictures at the BOTTOM of the page...also please read by each pups picture!  Choosing pups is about to begin so please be ready for a call from me.  Pups have a Vet appt the end of this week and start to leave for homes next week!  This litter has been great fun.
Below are a few pictures I took at 7wks old right before we begin to pick puppies.  Please note...they are not freshly groomed but we were playing in the yard and I picked them up and quickly snapped a picture of them in pairs...my sister helped me!  This is a overall calm yet fun loving litter...I truly believe all of them will make good family dogs!  3 or 4 of them are a little more laid back and 1 of them is a little more alpha...I do not find her over the top alpha...she just shows some leadership and is confident in herself.  My Cleo was like that in my last litter and she gets along with all dogs...and she is a great dog for me where ever we go.  Most of these pups are middle of the pack personalities!  I am very pleased with them.  As puppies are picked I will post it right by their picture.
Beamer   &    Boomer
Georgia   &   Stripes
Justice   &   Bessi
Star   &   Virginia
My sister & brother-in-law who try to visit when I have pups...yep...they love Drover and Drover loves them!
Libby    &   Marilyn
Will be going home with Nancy & family to OK!