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This page was last updated: October 8, 2018
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Prices: $2000   
Please note prices are for limited AKC reg.  NO BREEDING rights.

PLEASE READ my "Puppy Information" page in full.  I have added a section on my deposit/waiting list protocol.  LOTS of info on that page.

I only breed for 2 litters a year and look for the best homes for my puppies with people who are willing to commit.  We do not pick puppies out until they are 7 weeks old. 
 No more litter plans for 2018
Next Litter Will Be Spring/Summer 2019 and then fall 2019
I will be touching base with those on my current waiting list and confirming their spot with them (will get this done the month of Sept.)  Will not add new names to my waiting list until I do this.

Ty & Cleo Litter
Litter Born June 28, 2018

Ty & Millie 
Litter Born July 4, 2018!!!

Millie had a wonderful litter of 10!
This is my "Wild West" Litter

Below are my Millie litter leaving for homes.  Busy summer with 2 litters at once...next year I will go back to one litter at a time.  But I do want everyone to know that I stayed focused on raising these pups, loving each and every one of them.  I saw them off on a personal level of meeting/visiting with my customers and having my customers meet my adult dogs and see how I raise my puppies.
Have fun with these pups everyone....Millie delights me in every way with the pups she gives me!
We did have a little Solo Re-union with 4 re-turn customers who brought their dogs when they got their puppies!  Below is a look at our short time together.  
Man, that was fun for me to see my pups all grown up!!!!!

The Boys
"Hot Dog"
Brown male, blue collar

Brown male, red collar 
Brown male, brown collar
The Girls
"Lady Bug"
Brown & tan brindle!
​Dark brown female, yellow collar
Brown female, purple collar
Brown female, light blue collar
Dark brown, orange collar
Brown female, peach collar
Dark brown female, green collar
All pups are now in homes!
All puppies in this litter are in homes!
The Boys
Tan & Cream male, Blue/wht collar
Cream male, black/wht collar
Cream male, brown/wht collar
Black male, red/wht collar
The Girls
Black female, grey/white collar
Black & white parti, orange/white collar
Black & White parti, purple/wht collar
Brown female, green/wht collar
Black female, yellow/wht collar
Black female, pink/wht collar
Darkest brown male pup in the litter,  good size, very fun pup and that nice middle of the road temperament!  He loves attention and will be a great family man... handsome & strong looking!  He weighs 14.5 lbs at 8 wks.  $2000
Every time I turn around...there he is!  Thrives on one on one attention and a good all around pup!  Another fun, handsome & strong pup.  $2000
Another great all around, middle of the pack type pup.  He has plenty of character is handsome and a real lover!  He is 15.3 lbs at 8 wks.   $2000
She was one of the small females and has grown so nice.  She is 8.14 lbs at 7 wks and that is actually slightly over average size SP pup for this age.  She will be a beauty!  She is a very different color...brown & tan/cream brindle...very striped on her whole body, I can see it clearly when I blow dry her.  But most importantly she is my "old soul" of the litter (you can just see it in her eyes.)  Very sweet, calm and just a love of a pup!  A real Gem!  $1800
One of the big girls...I look for her to be a large female at maturity with those long legs like her mom.  She is very dark brown, very sweet, fun loving, great stature.  
A very dark brown female, she is 13.3 lbs at 8 wks.  This girl is a true beauty in every way and she really turns my head!  Very fun, sweet, middle of the pack personality...outstanding conformation.  $2000
Another true beauty, she is 12.1 lbs at 8 wks.  She is a little bit lighter brown, has such a pretty head and gentle eyes on this girl.  She is on the calm, gentle side, very sweet and loving.  Do not misread calm into meaning not fun or playful...she is that too.  She's a great pup.  $1800
Big strong girl with a grand look & attitude.   This is my 3rd generation of my female lines and I want to watch her grow up. There is just something about her, I will see if my instinct is right... holding on to her for now.   Overall a calm pup with self confidence.  She is 15.2 lbs at 8 wks  
Well here she is my "Mighty Moe"  she was the true runt of the litter and now at 7 wks she is 8.3 lbs!!  I do not think she will be the largest in the litter...but I do not think she will be small either.  All I can say about her is this...CHARISMA!  
Last pick family has just been sure they would end up with her and they have told me all along they would be happy with her...I feel in my heart she is already theirs for having all that faith!  We love you Might Moe...you have been a fighter all the way!  $1800
A very beautiful pup, very dark brown, she has super correct conformation, a happy soul who is adventurous, fun and loving...total package of a pup!  She weighs 13.0 lbs at 8 wks.  She too really turns my head!  $2000
Hot Dog
playing with mom...yes she plays like a puppy!
with grandpa Drover & Daddy Ty
Staying here!  Her name is...
Solo's Summertime 2018 aka "Summer"
Going home with Jana & Jeffery to NJ
His name will be Hudson!
Going home with Diana & John to WI
His name will be Ranger!
Going home with Linda & Sid to OK
His name will be Bear!
Going home with Henry & Kim to Alaska!
Her name will be Piper!
Going home with Lynn & Doug to OK
Her name will be Emoji!
Going home with Vincent & Nancy to MI
her name will stay Daisy!
Will be going home with Priscilla in NE
Her name will be Duchess!
Going home with Marlin & Candice in NE
Her name will be Molly!
Going home with Lynda & Wynn to Texas
Her name will be Sadie
He is 17.14 lbs at 8 wks old.  BIG! This guys is playful but overall a calm character who doesn't get shook easily.  He is lovable as heck.  All these cream males have such long ear leathers...amazing!  He will be a great companion and he will be a large poodle.  

He is 14.1 lbs at 8 wks and should be a good size poodle.  Maverick has always showed so much expression in his eyes and I have absolutely loved that about him from the start.  Shows great intelligence.  He has a nice middle of the ground personality except the fact that he is truly extra sweet!  He will aim to please his family!   $2000
He is 18.11 lbs at 8 wks old.  BIG!  He will be a BIG Poodle!  He has a great temperament, correct conformation, plenty playful but overall calm pup.  He reminds me of Millie in his expression and attitude.  Millie has tons of natural instinct, she is just a bit stoic, and listens best to me versus just anyone.  Millie loves her walks/runs but would actually care less about doing agility!  She leads with a quiet presence and is a guardian type to my grand kids who just likes watching over them.  Whoever gets Marshall will have to tell me if I am right about him.  He's lovable!
Stetson is a INKY BLACK, very handsome guy!  Believe it or not this inky black is hard to get and is my favorite of all the poodle colors!!  He is 14.2 lbs at 8 wks old, the smallest male pup in this litter...but I really do think he will be a fair size as a adult.  He still has great bone substance and great conformation.  He is one of the more quiet pups but loves his one on one time and is just dying to have his own family.  He has tons of love to give and will be a devoted dog.   $2000
Another inky black pup, this girl is a beauty and really turns my head.  She is sweet, playful and a good all around pup...just what a family needs for a wonderful companion.  Really all these pups are plenty playful & very loving.  She is 12.12 lbs at 8 wks old and has very correct conformation.
This pup is a beauty, smart as can be, a leader and full of herself.  She is always ready for anything, carries herself with pride & joy.  She has plenty of love to share!  She is my type of pup!  Cora weighs 15.11 lbs at 8 wks old!!  

Going home with Debbie & Lisa to CO
Her name will be Josie
VERY large female pup, she is 17.1 lbs at 8 wks old.  She is fairly laid back, full of character, playful and so, so loving.  You can hold this big girl like a baby!  Very flashy and I will be curious to see how big this girl gets.  I just love her!
Nellie is what I call a wonderful all around pup.  Very loving and just wants lots of attention...she is always seeking me out!  Nice size girl with correct conformation and pretty!
Going home with Joel & Karen to CO
Her name will stay Nellie...she leaves soon!
Another inky black pup!  A total beauty and such a sweet personality. She is a wonderful middle of the pack pup who will make the best companion.  I do think she is cream of the crop and I really love her.  She has a small umbilical hernia that will need fixed at spay time.  She is 13.5 lbs at 8 wks old.
Another inky black girl, she is really growing like crazy and is 11.10  lbs at 7 wks old.  She has a lovely personality, sweet, smart, confident (can be full of herself at times but in a fun way.)  I think she will be a great all around family dog who will be able to do anything she is trained to do and ready for fun filled days.  Very correct conformation.
playing with big sister Essie!
Going home with Mark & Nancy to OK...their 2nd Solo Poodle!  
His name will be Guenter
Going home with Molly & Ben to Nevada!
His name will be Tully!
Going home with Michael to OK...his 2nd Solo Poodle!
His name is now Vinnie!
Going home with Holly....her 2nd Solo Poodle!
His name will be Romeo...this is a drop dead handsome inky black pup!!!
Going home with Ronnie & family in NE!
Her name will be Grace
Going home with Iris to Texas!
Her name will be Izzy!
Going home with Rosy & family to New Mexico!
Her name will be Dottie!
Going home with Kathleen & Steve to CA!
Her name will be Gracie!
Molly was very happy to meet her puppy...they loved each other at first sight!  And I love this picture.  This is a very soulful pup!
Our Ty & Cleo litter of brown pups are leaving for homes!
It has been a pleasure raising this litter and meeting my puppy customers.  Below are some updates of the pups meeting their new families and parting for a new life with them.  With this litter it is not that they are just Cleo & Ty's puppies...but that they are also Millie & Drover's grandpups!!  My customers got to meet both parents and grandparents and a half sister when they came out to the ranch to pick their puppy up.  I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.  

This has been a fun litter...very fast learning pups, loving attitudes, large structure and pretty heads.  I send them off with best wishes for long & happy lives.  I hope I get those updates down the road!  
Next litter will not be until spring/summer 2019.
Thanks Everyone,
My sweet Libby...kept her until she was 4 months old and she totally remembered me!
Charlie is a 5 year old Drover/Bella pup.
Charlie meeting his new brother...Rebel.
Sabrina is a Danny/Ty pup who is getting a brother...Marshal!
Libby & Ebby (she was my runt Shirley Temple in my Millie/Ty litter from 2017)
Litter mates from the Danni/Ty 2017 litter.  They do not live in the same home but got along great.
The crew that day!
Mark waited for his cream boy...he loves him!  His wife Nancy has Sabrina from me and now Mark has his own pup too!  They do so much with their dogs.  Sabrina is a certified therapy dog, scent detection dog, and has her 3rd leg in Novice Obedience!!!!  She is one of the brindles in pictures where we all met for a re-union!