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This page was last updated: October 13, 2017
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Millie & Ty 
Litter arrived Sept 21, 2017
Millie & Ty litter is here...13 puppies!!!!   
1 FEMALE Available

  This is a cross I have long awaited for!  I love these 2 dogs.  They have very similar builds with good bone, ideal weight of 70 to 72 lbs on both of them and GREAT looking Poodles with stellar temperaments...guaranteed! Millie is one of my favorite girls and she owns my heart, she truly is what I call that "old style poodle" in every way.   Millie's Dad was 90 lbs, should be some good sized poodle pups in this litter!  
I am amazed & impressed with Millie and the litter she has given me.  We have one smaller girl who is really what I would honestly say is average size in most breeders litters...these are BIG pups!  I keep puppy charts with notes on everything since my very first litter and these pups are right up there in size.  I did start supplementing with a bottle & puppy formula at 10 days old and they have loved the bottle.  With 13 puppies I wanted to help Millie out.  As of 3 weeks old I started the puppy mush...our messy stage...and they are eating good.  This of course shows in the pictures with some real chubs!

All the males are spoken for unless someone cancels.  We do have 1 female still available. We do NOT pick puppies until 7 wks old so I do not know for sure who will be available yet.  

Price on these pups is $1800, Firm 
Please note this is for limited AKC reg.

Pictures below taken at 3 wk old.  I will put new pictures up every 2 weeks.  
This is my "Holiday Cocktails" litter...since they will be ready for homes around Thanksgiving time and home for the Holidays!

The 7 Boys...all spoken for at this time.
Pictures below taken at 3 wks old
Green collar
Black & white Tuxedo male
Blue collar
Brown male
Black collar
Cream male
Yellow collar
Brown & White Parti male
Please note, the browns are so dark they almost look black...they are brown and it is hard to get brown this deep.  When they get older and we are outside the brown will show up in pictures more.  I LOVE IT!  
Scotch is a real tank of a pup!  He should be BIG...not just tall but all around big.
Light Green collar
Brown male
Orange collar
Brown male
Red collar
Black male
The 6 Girls...1 still available 
Purple collar
Black female
Red & White collar
Black female w/white on chest & toes
​Shirley Temple
Pink & White collar
Black female
She is the small pup in this litter...the runt if you so choose to call her.  All the other pups are fairly large to very large.
I do think she will mature to a average Standard Poodle size.  In a litter this size we usually have 2 or 3 smaller pups, so the fact that I only have one small one is amazing.  She is  doing so good and has sucked on her own with vigor from birth...we call her our little Shirley and she is ADORABLE!
Yellow & White collar
Brown female
Egg Nog
Brown & White collar
Brown & White parti female

Pink collar
Black & White parti female
I do feel this girl will get some ticking (small spots) as I can already see them in her undercoat.  Ticking comes in  gradually the first 6 months.
Bud                     Bourbon                       Pendleton
Lots of Love...lots of food....13 is a lot of pups!  And my Hattie loves coming to Grandma's house!
Check out Solo Standards Facebook page for any extra pictures I may post.
Windsor wins biggest male pup at 3 weeks old and Margarita wins biggest female pup at 3wks.
Please note, there are 4 males within ounces of each other and this will change up some...just for fun at this point.  Actually Martini tied with Margarita but I didn't get a picture of her on the scale.  Also 4 lbs at 3 weeks would be considered big so anything over that is really big!!