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This page was last updated: August 17, 2018
Feel free to call with any questions:  308-546-2291
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**** As of 2018 **** 
Prices: $1800 to $2000, my largest pups and/or first pick male & female are $2000.  
Please note prices are for limited AKC reg.  NO BREEDING rights.

PLEASE READ my "Puppy Information" page in full.  I have added a section on my deposit/waiting list protocol.  LOTS of info on that page.

I only breed for 2 litters a year and look for the best homes for my puppies with people who are willing to commit.  We do not pick puppies out until they are 7 weeks old.  

Our Ty & Cleo litter is a Nice Big Litter of all BROWN pups! 

This is  "My Summer Picnic Litter"

Hello everyone, 7 week pictures are up!!!  Time to pick puppies and also if you have not scheduled a pick-up date for 8 to 9 weeks PLEASE do so.  Many days are already taken and my Millie litter starts going home the next week so days are limited.  I will schedule up to 3 pups a day, max...as I like to be able to spend a little time with each customer, let them meet my adult dogs, see how I raise my puppies and answer any questions.  Plus each pups is bathed and gets a touch up grooming on face within 24 hrs of leaving...so it takes scheduling.

I am adding a bit about each puppy by their picture but will go over them in detail with a phone conversation with each customer as we pick.  OVER ALL I will say right up front as to not repeat myself (too much) these pups are smart as whips...they show great alertness...pay attention to things, are quick to learn new things and are ALL very loving pups with no body holding back on wanting attention.  They are very playful but have a nice shut off button.  The 3 males are very even and I feel any 3 of them will be large poodles and wonderful pets.  The females are taking after Cleo in that they have plenty of bone and "I believe" will be long legged poodles like mom.  They are all solid built pups...even my small ones.  They are gaining anywhere from 2 to 3 lbs a week at this point!

It's been fun, I love them all, my job is joyful & tearful all in one.  Each pup takes a chunk of my heart.  They are not perfect, as no living creature is, but they are a BEAUTIFUL bunch of pups with hearts full of puppy mischief, joy & love!  Now I hope I have done my job in finding the right homes for them.  Please remember...they are puppies for a full year and go through many stages of growth both physically & mentally...their journey has just begun!

Ty & Cleo Litter
Litter Born June 28, 2018

Ty & Millie 
Litter Born July 4, 2018!!!

Millie had a wonderful litter of 10!
Millie is mom of all moms and gives me such great pups.  
Solo Standards reserves right to first pick on any given litter.... I am making big decisions for my future here,  I most likely will hold a female pup back from this litter as I make my best decisions on a older pup after the busy days of raising a litter.

This is my "Wild West" Litter

Pups are 5 wks old and right on target for all the fun stuff...going out in the bigger yard, using the doggie door, eating food really good, playing/interacting wonderfully and wanting my attention A LOT!  This is a lovable crew and as usual Millie has given me over all constant size. These are all nice big pups with a few of the females being "slightly" smaller then the really big ones.  All of them have beautiful heads and lots of bone substance to them, they are not slight built in any way!  They are all very loving.  I will write up a few more details on each pup at 7 wk pictures.  I use every week I can to evaluate my litters!  Puppies grow, change, develop with each given week at a very fast rate the first 16 weeks of life.  Thus evaluating them too soon...is just silly to me.  I will say that Hattie stayed with me again this week....and puppies got socialized to the ninth degree!  She may or may not be the reason 5 wk baths & pictures are a day late as it took us 3 days to bath and take pictures because we took too many play breaks with the puppies.  What can I say...life is short so I make the most of the good times! 

Pictures below at 5 wks old

Pictures below taken at 7 wk old
The Boys
"Hot Dog"
Brown male, blue collar

Brown male, red collar 
Brown male, brown collar
Puppy pictures below!
Scroll down to see many pictures of my 2 litters! 
* Customers, PLEASE read my "Puppy Information" page *

The Girls
"Lady Bug"
Brown & tan brindle!
​Dark brown female, yellow collar
Brown female, purple collar
Brown female, light blue collar
Dark brown, orange collar
Brown female, peach collar
Dark brown female, green collar
All pups in this litter are spoken for!
All puppies in this litter are spoken for.
The Boys
Tan & Cream male, Blue/wht collar
Cream male, black/wht collar
Cream male, brown/wht collar
Black male, red/wht collar
The Girls
Black female, grey/white collar
Black & white parti, orange/white collar
Black & White parti, purple/wht collar
Brown female, green/wht collar
Black female, yellow/wht collar
Black female, pink/wht collar
Petunia   &   Ladybug
"my little girls grew!"
Darkest brown male pup in the litter,  good size, very fun pup and that nice middle of the road temperament!  He loves attention and will be a great family man... handsome & strong looking!  He weighs 11.15 lbs at 7 wks.  $2000
Biggest pup in the litter (as of now) he is 12.12 lbs at 7wks.  Every time I turn around...there he is!  Thrives on one on one attention and a good all around pup!  Another fun, handsome & strong pup.  $2000
Another great all around, middle of the pack type pup.  He has plenty of character is handsome and a real lover!  He is 12.2 lbs at 7wks.   $2000
She was one of the small females and has grown so nice.  She is 8.14 lbs at 7 wks and that is actually slightly over average size SP pup for this age.  She will be a beauty!  She is a very different color...brown & tan/cream brindle...very striped on her whole body, I can see it clearly when I blow dry her.  But most importantly she is my "old soul" of the litter (you can just see it in her eyes.)  Very sweet, calm and just a love of a pup!  A real Gem!  $1800
One of the big girls...I look for her to be a large female at maturity with those long legs like her mom.  She is very dark brown, very sweet, fun loving, great stature.   This puppy does have a slight under bite...I cannot guarantee she will out grow it but it is slight and will NOT cause any problems at all.  I am just being honest in pointing it out.  She is a lovely pup and will make a great companion with striking conformation!  She is 11.0 lbs at 7 wks.  $1800
A very dark brown female, she is 10.14 lbs at 7wks.  This girl is a true beauty in every way and she really turns my head!  Very fun, sweet, middle of the pack personality...outstanding conformation.  $2000
Another true beauty, she is 9.10 lbs at 7 wks.  She is a little bit lighter brown, has such a pretty head and gentle eyes on this girl.  She is on the calm, gentle side, very sweet and loving.  Do not misread calm into meaning not fun or playful...she is that too.  She's a great pup.  $1800
Big strong girl with a grand look & attitude very much like Firefly.   I did trade places with first pick person and they are taking 1st pick on the Millie litter.  So no one's spot in picking order has changed on either litter.  This would be 3rd generation of my female lines and I need to watch grow up some and to further my lines if all works out...she is actually not the prettiest female in the litter...to be honest there is just something about her and I will see if my instinct is right... holding onto her for now. She is 12.0 lbs at 7wks
Well here she is my "Mighty Moe"  she was the true runt of the litter and now at 7 wks she is 8.3 lbs!!  I do not think she will be the largest in the litter...but I do not think she will be small either.  All I can say about her is this...
And she is my granddaughter's favorite pup so she was held a lot!  (Hattie will get a puppy from me when she is just a little bit older!)  Last pick family has just been sure they would end up with her and they have told me all along they would be happy with her...I feel in my heart she is already theirs for having all that faith!  We love you Might Moe...you have been a fighter all the way!  $1800
A very beautiful pup, very dark brown, she has super correct conformation, a happy soul who is adventurous, fun and loving...total package of a pup!  She weighs 8.8 lbs at 7 wks.  She too really turns my head!  $2000
Hot Dog
playing with mom...yes she plays like a puppy!
with grandpa Drover & Daddy Ty
Staying here!
Going home with Jana & family to NJ
Going home with Diana & family to WI
Going home with Linda & family to OK
Going home with Henry & Kim to Alaska!
Her name will be Piper!
Going home with Lynn & Doug to OK
Her name will be Eemojo!
Going home with Vincent & Nancy to MI
her name will stay Daisy!