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My retired Royal Poodles are shown on this page, including Red Royal standard poodles. Some of them still live here with us and will never leave... some have gone on to live with family members, neighbors or friends.
ALL my dogs are housebroke, taught basic commands, and are VERY socialized members of our family. So while I cannot realistically keep them all and go on with a breeding program, I can always find them wonderful homes where I stay connected to them.
I have known many dogs as a standard poodle breeder...they have all taught me something, they have given me LOVE, LOYALTY and GRATITUDE! It all started with Athena...what a dog!
The most wonderfully loving and joyful dog who had GREAT pups...a true blessing in our lives. 
***REST IN PEACE ATHENA*** My love for the breed IS because of this standard Parti poodle.

Brindle Phantom,  GRANDSIRE TO MY HENRY (above), I outcrossed one generation and came back to this line only to improve on a already wonderful dogs.
lives with Helen

My large elegant dog of 28 inches and 70 lbs!! Also my personal dog...where you see me, you see Della. She gave me 4 large litters of great pups.
Della will stay with me here at Solo Standards for as long as she lives. She is smart, fun and loyal to the nitty gritty to me.  I decided long before she re-tired from breeding she would never leave here, we are attched!
What a great opportunity it was to get to own, know and love this dog. Tula is another one who loves people and is the definition of a sweet good natured dog.
Tula had several litters for me and was a top notch mom. I kept Mabel and Iris out of her. Tula now lives with my sister and brother in law.   She is pampered and is that big mans sweet baby in every way!
Tula passed summer 2015...almost 10 yrs old had a fast growing tumor on her lung.
She is  GREATLY MISSED...what a dog.
Rebel is a Brindle, who is officially retired from breeding and is in a pet home as of winter 2010.
He really put some fancy brindle stripe and some great size on his pups!
Rebel has passed away.

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My Retired Royal Poodles

Mona...our overly smart, unbelievable instinctual, somewhat complicated girl...a gentle soul who is re-tired and will stay here with us forever as she says she is absolutely going nowhere and is my husbands baby!  
Solo Standards Re-tired From Breeding Page

Harvey went home with Jerry and Mary Ann fall of 2009.  I get many good reports on Harvey and his life.  I missed him terribly when he went to his new home, but it has proven to be a outstanding match.  I called Harvey my "George Clooney" of the dog world!  Pure Charisma!
I only had 1 litter out of Harvey...but he is a wonderful and healthy dog.  Sometimes the reasons for not keeping a dog in a particular program are simply timing in life.  Or because of something in the pedigree that simply does not match my females for going in a certain direction.  These dogs go on to be loving members of families and have long healthy lives!   Anyway each dog teaches me and touches my life in different ways that I do not forget and like to acknowledge.
Had 4 great litter out of Henry...He now lives with Melissa in Texas! They make a great team and I feel very sure this match is a good one!
Henry...my noble and gentle soul
The most beautiful silver sable girl ever!  We had 3 litters from Bella.  She is placed with a family.  Bella is a certified therapy dog.

We had only 1 great litter out of Mabel...never sucessfully got her bred again.  She is a full sister to Iris and half sister to Bella, I love all these dogs.  Mabel lives right here in western Nebraska with Julie & Bill.  They keep in good touch and Mabel has a great life!
Solo's Irish Eyes...born, raised and loved here.  Iris now lives with my sister Kathy and is cherished dearly!!    Mabel (black dog) and Iris were litter mates.  
​Athena (above) and Sake were litter mates and my first poodles.  Sake is 12 yrs old and still alive and doing quit well.  She lives in Colorado.  I have her granddaughter (Keeper) with us now (fall 2015) for a one time litter with Drover!  How exciting for me to get a chance to do this and get a chance to get some of my old lines back that I did not keep going...in hind sight some of the best dogs I had in both temperament and health!
​This is a old photo taken in Jan 2006 of Athena & Sake taking in some sunshine on the picnic table...a favorite thing for them to do!
Sake did become more silver as she matured, very sweet, kind, gentle soul.