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Copyright 2011:Solo Standards.Standard Poodle Breeders.All rights reserved. 
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~ Solo's Drover ~
​Born Feb 2011
 A true Sable
PennHip evaluation 80th percentile with .39 on left hip and .35 on the right ...excellent scores!
CERF for eyes, normal, done at 2 yrs and updated April 2015 at 4 yrs old
vWD & DM Clear by VetGen
 28 inches tall  84 lbs 
Drover has a substantial, strong build ...nothing light or petite about him, a grand dog with great presence! 

 He has a thick coat, handsome head and  clear, expressive, brown eyes.   I have shown him grow up here quit extensively to see his sable coat change as he matures. Sable pups are born very dark and lighten  quit a lot over the first 2 years.  There are silver, red , apricot, brown and cream sables.  Each sable  varies in how they clear to adult coat color, all are very unique.  Drover is a smokey silver sable, he has kept a lot of color overall.

Drover is a fun dog who loves ALL people (he adores kids!)  I think his shining spirit shows through easily in the pictures.  If you meet Drover you will not be disappointed nor will you forget him!   He adds great size, has a easy going... GENTLE NATURE ...that cannot be trained or taught.  He is a happy soul who loves his walks/runs, playing ball, and napping anywhere near me!  He is always a total gem in the house and has spoiled me with being such a easy dog!  We are blessed to have Drover for a stud dog, he really is what I personally look for in my Poodles...  I love him more all the time and he is my companion in every way!
Drover with some of his pups
Photo gallery below of Drover from puppyhood to when he turned 1 yr old (click on picture to enlarge)
Everyone should know a dog like Drover at least once in their life!

Photos below go from most current to his puppy pictures.   I do keep VERY current pictures of all my dogs up.  We lead active lives and I like to show it.
There is a old Cowboy saying...
"Life is short, ride your best horse."
Well I have converted that to choosing Drover as my stud dog to go forth with (we have had several stud dogs over the years.)   I have had 7 litters out of him with 5 different females... I have paid attention and kept records...I have no health issues in the lines and feel confident in moving forth with his daughter and now I have also kept a grand daughter!!
Solo Standards has a Copyright!  No taking/using our pictures without Jean's permission!
With written  permission Drover is happy to share.
Drover loves my granddaughters, Hattie, Sunny & Murphy!  He has been a huge part of their young years when at our house.
Pictures of their first year & entering toddler years with him...he LOVES kids and we could never replace Drover around here!
My running partner...
We have 2 outstanding stud dogs, Drover & Ty
Solo's Millertime

Ty joined our family April of 2016 at 16 months old.
I was actually searching for a puppy when I found him, but I just could not look the other way when it came to this dog.  It is so hard to find the size or better yet the overall "old style poodle" I was looking for.

Ty is a powerfully built Poodle, definitely bigger boned & muscular.  His top line, tail set, legs & shoulders are picture perfect which lends to great movement.  I never get tired of looking at this dog!   He has a handsome head with the more square nose/jaw line that I like to stamp on my pups.  He is a non-dilute brown, also has some true blacks in his pedigree.  I will get both brown & black pups out of him and he also carries a parti-color gene.  What a diverse pedigree (COI is less then 1%) 

With my time, attention & training,Ty has bonded to me in a HUGE way...this dog is devoted to me...watches me like a hawk...he thinks the sun rises & falls with me...literally tries to get on my lap and lay his head on my shoulder...OK Jean, enough said they get it!  To sum it up he learns quickly, desires to please, gets along great with other dogs, has a huge heart.  
We have as of fall 2018 had 4 litters out of Ty and he gives us great pups!  

Born Nov 2014
26 inches tall  a big boned, muscular 72 lbs lbs
OFA Good
vWD Clear
DM Clear
NEWS Clear
​UC Davis diversity test done and in hand...I am pleased

Showing how Ty's brown is holding (most browns fade or get grey guard hairs just like reds and that is a fact with poodle coat genetics...it is just a matter of will they fade a little or will they fade a lot.   I try for as natural a lighting as I can and Ty is still what any poodle breeder would have to say is amazing in his color & conformation.  I wish more breeders would show current pictures of their dogs, as they change over the years just like humans!  Ty has faded some...his color is still really pretty.  I show these types of pictures because first of all...I love my dogs, also because I find it fascinating....the genetics of poodle coats.  Ty is DNA tested as a  brown non-dilute and so I feel he is as good a brown as one can get.  That mug...man I love his head...what a handsome guy!
    July 2016 (18 months old)         June 2017 (2 1/2yrs)           June 2018 (3 1/2 yrs old)                 
Ty  &  Cleo May 2018