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On this page you will find  puppies from my past litters.  I hope you can get a good idea of  what my breeding program will give us in all stages of life. "Thank-you" to all the people who have kept in touch and shared pictures and updates with me.  ***Please note...I do not have every puppy on this page, but a nice sample of my puppies/dogs out there with very happy customers.  I have MANY testimonies sent to me,  I am thankful for every one of them.   I will try to keep this page updated and switch puppies/dogs that I showcase once or twice a year so the page does not get so long. 

With great gratitude to my customers,
Solo Standards past litters, page 1

Dyllon/now Boon living ins Texas with his family.
A True Red Sable  
Mona X Rebel puppy fro Jan 2010 litter
This is Beethoven/now Oliver leaving with his new family to SD! 
I Enjoyed working with Kim to get her the right puppy for a growing family.  We had  great time when they came to the ranch to pick him up!  
Many great reports on Oliver from Kim:  "He impresses friends, neighbors & family."
"Oliver really is wonderful, loves being around all people and is a kids dog deluxe!"
**update the family has grown and Oliver has another girl!!!  Above is Madilyn, Claire and baby Charolette 
I would say Oliver is "A titled champion family dog!!"
Mona X Rebel litter Jan 2010
Hooch/now Caballo living with Jonna and family in Omaha, NE
Caballo is a Brown brindle 
***Caballo is a offical "certified" reading therapy dog...he goes to school on a regular basis ...Jonna is a special ed reading/writing teacher!  He is also a childrens trauma therapy dog!!  Jonna calls his room "Camp Caballo"...Please take the time to look at this dog's photo gallery and his and Jonnas' accomplishments.  Jonna also does all her own grooming and gives Callallo a look that kids love!  They are drawn to him like crazy...she can hardly get down the school hallways with ALL the children happy to see him!  Caballo is a 80lb hunk of love!
Jan 2010  Picking Caballo up here at the ranch.  Very fun to meet everyone! 

A few weeks after they got Caballo we met and they took home Rooster (the large phantom male.) I had  purchased Rooster to introduce to my phantoms.  Rooster unfortunately did not pass his hip evaluations and he found a wonderful home with Jonna and her family for which I am so thankful.  We keep in touch about both Rooster & Caballo on regular basis.  All is VERY well....many updates!  ***its been 4 yrs sense this picture and all is very good!
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Mabel & Henry puppy born Sept 2011
Cactus/now Boris  ready to leave for his new home in Nebraska with Rox and family.
I loved this huge pitch black pup, he weighed 17 lbs at nine weeks when he left here!
Mabel & Henry puppy born Sept 2011
Colt/now Sydney
went home with Bob, Gail and family to MN
Many Good reports back about Sydney.  Bob says "Sydney is physicaly strong and his personality is gentle, just what we were looking for."  Gail and Syd have gone through advance classes and they do therapy work.  Above Syd is enjoying his job at the inner city YMCA kids program.

Mabel & henry pup fall 2011
Cowgirl/now Finn
BEAUTIFUL cream pup...what a beauty in both looks and spirit! 
Went home to a Leslie & family in Lincoln, Ne

Here is her update from Leslie even though I think these pictures say it all:
Dear Jean,  here is Finn on her birthday, she continues to amaze and entertain us, we have all really enjoyed her.
A year and a half ago my kids were skeptical and angry when I said our next dog was going to be a Standard Poodle.  And you should see them now, you would have thought it was their idea!
We truly are in love with her Jean.  She gets a 3 mile run or walk every day.  She has developed a special relationship with the cat!
We have passed Obedience 1 class and are thinking of doing the 2nd class this fall.  I have mastered grooming!...yea!
I see your new litter and remember the anticipation and am sure the new parents are excited as well.
Hope things are well
Leslie, Ken, Grace, Ellie and Jack

Boris is 3 1/2 yrs old now and loved by his family Rox, Paul, daughter Andrea and all the grandchildren too!  He has matured to 29 inches and 80 lbs.  Boris is a calm soul, loves all people, LOVES kids and other dogs. Enjoy the gallery of pictures below...it has been great watching these kids literally grow up with Boris..in play, on holidays and even take one off to college!
These teen-age kids wanted a Lab...mom (Leslie) had wanted a Standard Poodle for years...time came for a new puppy and they got Finn...the kids are Standard Poodle converts!  She is LOVED! Thanks Leslie for the many great pictures and updates on Finn!  Another family I have been privleged to watch grow up with a dog...what a blessing!!
These pictures put a smile on my face every time they send some...Enjoy the photo gallery below
Caballo turns 4 years old!
Below are Caballo & Jonna getting certificates...he has 2,  also showing his first day at school
Tom & Jorie live in Las Vegas Nevada and have 2 Solo Standards dogs.
Ollie is a 90 lb black & silver brindle out of Della
Zoe is a black & white parti out of Bella
Ollie is very calm, loving and loyal just like her mom Della.
Zoe is a show off, knows no strangers...a true diva I hear!  Gee... reminds me of her mom Bella!
Mercy is owned and loved by Bonni in NH 
She is a black & red brindle/sable...thanks for all the beautful pictures Bonni, your photograhy is outstanding!
Jack is a Maizy & Drover puppy from Jan 2013 litter
He lives with Missy & family in Nebraska!  He was our surprise in this litter and is a beautiful silver.
Summer 2014 updates on Zoe & Ollie
thanks Tom...these pics are wonderful!!
Ollie 4 yrs old,  Zoe 2 yrs old

Ollie 5 yrs old and 102 lbs!
One of my favorite pups!
A Sake & Zeb 2006  puppy
Nice update summer 2015 of Tucker who turned 9 yrs old this year. Living in Colorado and dearly loved by Jim & Molli

 9 yrs old and looking good
2 yrs old
Athena & Zeb puppy summer 2006
Another Tucker who lives with Chris & Laura in Colorado turns 9 yrs old too!  He even came to visit us this summer (Aug 2015.)  What a treat to see one of my puppies again at age 9, pictures below.... so handsome!
A Mona & Rebel pup named Zuni...all grown up and so handsome!