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Solo's Pony Express From Chapins
Millie comes from  a true Royal size line of poodles.
She has a larger build yet remains quit athletic and keeps that graceful poodle movement with a good top line.

   Millie comes from a wonderful mother dog and a stud dog that weighed in at 90 lbs.  He (Major) was a robust healthy 10 yrs old when he sired one of his last litters and Millie is the result.  This is a line of dogs that I REALLY wanted.  It has little to do with color and everything to do  with my love of the very true Royal size, gallant attitude, gentle nature, intelligence and long healthy lives.  Please note...Grandparent dogs play a huge roll in the outcome in the puppies produced in any given litter...it is huge as a breeder to know your lines! 

Millie is very fun, people loving dog.  Overall easy going with that true & steadfast temperament I look for in my dogs.   You can find her at my side most of the time... I love her & appreciate her companionship so much.  

CERF Clear
OFA Fair
vWD clear by parentage of both parents being clear/non carriers
26 inches tall & 71 lbs

Fall 2015 Drover & Millie on our morning run
Solo's Daughter Of A Drover
Millie is only 8 months old in this picture and already shows all the size, plus calm attitude I look for in my girls.
10 wks old 
 Drover & Millie on our daily morning walk.
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8wks old

Danni is a clearly marked phantom, a stunning beauty!
Danni has a naturally sweet & gentle soul.  She was easy to train from day one...one of the easiest pups I have had in years.   She loves other dogs and has a real fun loving character...and did I say she is super smart...she is a thinker.
We enjoyed Danni so much her first 8 months here with us...August 2016 I placed her in a home with a wonderful couple who I know & trust and do not live too far away.  The plan is for Danni to come back to us for one litter in late 2017 which will be raised here.  She stays with us any time her family travel or go away so I do get her off and on. Each time she makes herself right at home, this shows outstanding character & confidence.  Danni gets her own family with abundant love, attention, further training & adventures.  I like to keep my personal number of dogs here at Solo Standards at 5 or 6, as to also give them the best life I can with all the things I listed above.  This is a wonderful way for me to have Danni back for 1  litter to go forth with my Drover lines. 
I must add, I am not looking to place more dogs in guardian homes, this just worked for all of us.  I felt comfortable from the start with Pastor C.L. & Sandra having Danni.

Danni in her home with C.L. & Sandra
Danni goes back several generations to my dogs...her Great Grandmother was one of my first poodles.  She is out of Keeper & Drover and was from a litter of 12!  
Solo's My Daddy's A Drover
Cleo is out of my long awaited Millie & Drover litter.  I simply love this dog!  The dark chocolate brown is just a plus along with those soulful brown eyes.   
Cleo was the leader in the litter...a confident pup that caught my attention early on.  She is a happy soul with her mamma's tail wagging, never meets a strangers attitude!  She is also a gentle dog with my granddaughters...a trait she gets from her sire, Drover.  I am finding Cleo a nice combination of both her parents...and that makes me happy!

**update on Cleo May 2017**
Cleo is 1 yr old now, 28 inches tall and 70 lbs.
She is delightful in every way.  Built just like her sire (Drover) so that makes her a very large female Poodle...even bigger then her mother.  I still truly see a combination of both parent dogs in her as far as temperament goes...which is nothing less then the best you will find in poodles out there...guaranteed!

Summer 2016 
Me with Millie & Cleo (mother/daughter)  Cleo is 9 wks old in this picture.  
12 weeks
Cleo turns 4 months old and gets love from Hattie!  I babysit Hattie as my daughter is a teacher.  So all my dogs are kid friendly and "grandma approved."     
24  inches tall  52 lbs
vWD clear
NEWS clear
DM clear
​DANNI HAS BEEN SPAYED , we only planned 1 litter from her and we stayed with that plan.

Summer 2017
Cleo & Millie 1 year later...my pride & joy and boy how time flies.
Above & below is Cleo at 5 months and we were enjoying a shaggy cut for the cooler fall weather.  I do not often do this as it is just so much easier to keep them shorter living on a ranch....but how cute is she!
June 2017  Millie & Cleo on one of our morning outings...they love to go out in pairs with me and I so enjoy a little morning run with my dogs!  
OFA prelims Excellent
vWD clear
News clear
DM clear