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Solo Standards 
Past Litters  page 2
Page 2 of Solo Standard's puppy pictures that customers have sent to me...I love them, keep them coming!!

I hope this gives a good idea of my breeding program and the type of dogs to expect. 

  This page are puppies I have had in the last 3 years, with bloodlines/dogs I am currently using in my breeding program...I am excited about our future.
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Browning is a Iris & Drover puppy, he lives with Amy, Todd and his  boy Cole. 
This pup is a carbon copy of his sire!  He took after Drover from day one!
They had Browning for a little over 1 year and then had a baby!!
Read what Amy says about Browning with his baby Cole...I love it:

Jean, Biggest news...we had our baby on Oct 7, 2013.  The wonderful Browning now has new purpose in life.  It took him a total of 10 minutes, not a exaggeration, to decide that baby Cole was his new best friend and the most precious thing in the house. HE LOVES THE BABY!   He is constantly near him and is EVER so careful and gentle.  He will sometimes lick his forehead but is really content to lay near him or at our feet while we hold him.  Browning's favorite time is when Cole is on his playmat and he makes faces at him.  Sometimes Browning lays just so the baby can put his toes in his hair...they both love that.
I thought it would make you smile...Iris and Drover made a wonderful baby for our baby!!
Timing was perfect as Browning is old enough not to be too wild and young enough to adjust seamlessly to everything.  When Cole crys he comes running to see what Todd and I are doing to the baby! I sure didn't know that Standard Poodles had degrees in pediatrics!
We are thankful for our trip out last year to what we call "the poodle plantation"...your  ranch where you raise these great Standard Poodles.
Our best and we will send pictures of Browning with Cole.

Ellie lives with Kathy & Randal in AR
She out of Iris & Drover,  a brown phantom
Safe to say that Kathy's husband Randal is a complete Standard Poodle convert...he loves this dog! 

Ellie at 18 months old 
Ellie was the  purple ribbon winner at their County Fair last summer...how fun is that!
Tula is a apricot sable out of Bella & Drover
She lives with and is dearly loved by Martha in Maryland
Fritz is a Iris & Drover puppy from summer 2013
He lives with Inga & family in Mass (and a poodle named Goldie)
He was born more less black, his silver phantom markings came in stronger every week!
  Inga is someone who picked her breeder (me!) and waited for her puppy...really trusted me as Fritz...was last pick from this litter.  I told Inga that usually means little in the grand scheme of life and I would only send her a puppy that she so patiently deserved.  
Inga says Fritz is the perfect addition to the family, a true love and a true gem!

T-Rex is a Iris & Drover pup from summer 2013 litter
She lives with Susie, Ken and Kate in TN
This pup always talked with her expresive eyes and was always game on for anything...I hear she still is!
But she is also gentle and loving as Susie's mom stayed for 6 weeks to recover from knee surgury this winter and fell in love with T-Rex, now she is on my waiting list for a puppy of her own! 
Reeka is a Iris & Drover puppy, summer 2013
She went home with Ken in New Mexico
Another true sable and she looks just like her mom Iris!
Aglaia is another Iris & Drover puppy her colors are just like Drover!
She went home with Jodi & Tom, a goldendoodle named JJ in Ohio
She is a cheerful soul and smart as a whip!
MIA is a Bella & Drover pup from spring 2013
She lives with Tam & family in Kansas
Mia is another example of a pup that started out looking black and is really a silver phantom with silver showing up in face and paws with each week..getting stronger marked the whole first year.  I think she is a beauty!  I love the picture below and it is proof of my famous saying....
"REAL MEN love Poodles!"  
Blue  lives in Omaha, Ne with Janice & Carl
This was a outstanding pup...both smart & handsome from the start!
I get the BEST emails from Janice with tons of stories about Blue...he goes to work with her to her Antique shop where she also has rug hooking classes...he goes to theater class with Janice where she gives children voice lessons!  In Janice's  emails I get to hear of his many antics...his high intelligence (he opens and closes doors/gates, and his occasional singing abilities as he charms in once in awhile at music lessons letting anyone know if they get off key.   Janice and Blue are inseparable!  In meeting Janice and working with her to get her a puppy....I guarantee this dog will have a joyous personality as Janice's zest for life is contagious!  I get energized just reading her emails!
Thanks Janice!
Oct 2013
Aglaia is on the left...she is 2 yrs old now and her family is growing!
A 2012 Drover & Maize puppy
Beautiful Sable that lives with Ginny in TN
Ginny and her mom drove up to get their puppy...it was a windy day and the picture below always makes me laugh as her ears blow in the wind.  Ginny is also a avid horsewomen  so we had lots of great conversation!  That is my husband, Mike pictured with them.
2015 update, new pics of Cole and Browning
Could this dog look anymore like his sire, Drover!
This is Mountain Man...now Spartan living in TN with his family.
from our Keeper/Drover litter Dec 2015

To the left is Tonya picking Spartan up and meeting Drover.  Below are pictures this happy family has sent me thus far and they are great ones!!  Tonya says he is the dog their family dreamed of and needed as they are avid dog people who swim, hike and simply enjoy the outdoors.  I hope to hear many reports on this pup....he is SO handsome, if I do say so myself.  Thanks for the great pictures Tonya. 
Sheperd...now Stanley ready for his home with Jane & Rick in Ne Pictured with his Sire, Drover
Keeper/Drover Dec 2015 litter
This is Icy...now Charlie
Keeper/Drover Dec 2015 litter
He is 4 months old here and 36 lbs
He is VERY loved and they say he steals hearts where ever he goes and is so smart....
Parka...now Hudson lives with his family in GA
Keeper/Drover Dec 2015 litter
Great reports back on this lovable pup...loves his family both human and poodles!!  Hudson has A+ reports and look at those eyes!
1 yr old                 2 yrs old
5-13-16, below is one of the emails from Jane & Rick...
"Jane & I are so very grateful for Stanley, his eagerness, beauty & disposition are just amazing.  He enriches our lives everyday."

I must add...this puppy was one of my heart throbs in a GREAT litter of 12...he was simply a love of mine from the time he opened his eyes!  A sweet & soulful pup! 

18 wks old
4 months old
Eskimo...now Charley lives in Texas with Yana & family
Keeper/Drover puppy Dec 2015