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My husband going to feed hay with the team.
My kids, Mandy and Ford

My son, Ford roping on Roany
My daughter, Mandy barrel racing on Goose 
Hello and welcome to my website.
My husband (Mike) and I have two great children who are grown & married and we now have  4 grandchildren too!  We live on a cattle ranch in west central Nebraska not far from Colorado, Wyo and South Dakota.  We have spent much of our 35 years of marriage working on cattle ranches, making sure our kids grew up riding horses, learning about many animals and life in the great outdoors!!  My Grandchildren are a huge part of my dogs...they help me a lot!

We enjoy raising, training and competing with our horses as well. Starting with Jr rodeos & 4-H, on to high school rodeo, college rodeo and state rodeo it's all been apart of our life. And of course we use horses all the time for ranch work  so I would be amiss if I did not mention our love for horses too.  The next generation is well started with riding already.

 Royal Standard Poodles are wonderful outdoor dogs up for anything yet ready to lounge in the house and nap on the couch if I am inside. Royal Poodles' versatility and athleticism are amazing and it goes without saying they are intelligent. BUT the reason I love them so much is because they are dogs....and dogs take time, patience and training.  So I do ask that everyone who gets one of my puppies is up to the commitment for the long haul. "The rewards are 10 fold in our favor with these loyal dogs!"

 If you have not noticed yet, I do also love a large dog and breed for a larger, sturdy Standard Poodle unlike other standard poodle breeders who may breed for the smaller, more delicate show dog. I do not call my dogs giants nor do I consider them a giant breed, but do look for my Standard Poodle puppies to be on the LARGE side of the breed standard...and still beautiful, graceful and correct. 
My dogs life here & How I raise my puppies!

As I have said before my adult dogs pretty much follow me around most days both inside and out, they are socialized, and ALL are housebroken. I love to take a dog with me when I can (almost always travel with one) and I embrace a outdoor life style with my animals.  
We have a down pat routine for our morning and evening feeding and exercise times. Walks/Hikes/Runs and playing fetch are a regular part of our lives...not just some days... every day.   Keeping my dogs in shape is good for them both physically and mentally.
I try to stay on a good grooming schedule, keeping them rather short and neat in sporting clips for the most part. Grooming them about every 6 to 8 weeks. With in-between touch-ups OFTEN, going over the body, cleaning the ears and yes...picking burs out of the coat (some sort of bur has plagued me almost every where I have lived in late summer and fall!) 

Now for breeding proposes, for housing litters in safe and sanitary fashion and for when I am not home or need to keep a male away from a female I do not want bred.... I do have a small, homey, clean kennel area (way more like a extra room of the house inside versus a kennel.) Kennel has become a dreaded word for breeders to use. To me this is nonsense... if a kennel is utilized in a useful way and NOT  "just a way of life for the dog" then a kennel with nice dog yards are a well needed  INVESTMENT for a committed breeder.  If you raise a litter with doggie doors to a small yard area they will potty train themselves in this given environment.  By 5 to 6 weeks old my pups are using the doggie doors and not pottying in the indoor part anymore.  I keep things very clean and in return they do too.  When I cannot be with a litter they have the security of their own beds and little yard....raising litters of 6 to 12 puppies going in many directions will keep you on your toes.  We must have safe places for stud dogs, young litters at rest, for feeding time of pups, ect,ect.   Again, my dogs spend most of their lives right at my side as they are a part of my family.

My puppies are handled SO much from birth on by myself and family. I let them be with my other dogs as they grow for good dog socialization, I try to have neighbors and friends visit after the first puppy vaccination at 7 wks. I play and interact with them throughout the day...it has no starting point or ending point with me but is continual with different toys, sights and sounds. I pay attention to everyone's personality...we can get a good idea of puppies temperament.

 I have visions and goals of how I want to progress with my breeding program, my mind is always ticking away at it.  My first love in life as a very young child was dogs...that never changed and thus I strive for a very distinct 
"Solo Standards Poodle" for both myself and my customers.
Our cozy whelping box...my moms love these as it gives them their own "den" for the first few weeks.  My whelping den is in the house, very near me!  Mine is 4 x 6 so is roomy, yet cozy.  I fit in it well with mom & pups.

My litters are born in the house and go to my dog housing area at 4 weeks to learn about dog doors, the outdoors, sights, sounds and surfaces.  My stud dogs have been some of my most gentle souls and best babysitters over the years!!  I do NOT believe in keeping my litters in a small cramped area for 8 weeks...we have lots of playtime in the yard and different areas of the ranch!  My litters are truly using a doggie door by 5 weeks old!
This helps them learn to keep indoor areas clean and also helps the brain develop into thinking for itself at a early age.  I am truly proud of how I raise my litters and the investment in both their living area and my time spent with them.

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About Us and Our Royal Standard Poodles

My dogs are so  happy to be in the house with us in the evenings.  I like to show pictures of them with my husband and I to show their true size next to people....and how loving & gentle they are!
My females are usually 60 to 70 lbs 
 My males are usually 70 to 80 lbs 
I love a royal size Poodle.  I keep grace, correct structure and agility in my dogs. "To me, Royal Poodle means large size, good bone, a noble, gentle and very distinct character"  These are my goals more then color of coat in breeding.
Jean M. Miller
Cozy kennel...I treat it like a house and it also has my grooming room in it.  Puppies get lots of free time in the yard too, and brought in the house one by one or as pairs for household socailization also.
As my pups reach 6 to 8 weeks old I make sure they are in back yard, front yard, barn, go for a car ride and interact with my adult dogs...they are NOT left in pens all day long.  Of course pups sleep a lot just like human babies so they get plenty of space for creature comforts!  I keep things CLEAN-CLEAN-CLEAN...this is our home and I am proud of it.
We have always lived the ranch life!  Been married to my husband for 33 yrs, we love living out in the middle of the hills.  I have worked around cattle & horses all these years and have been breeding dogs since 2005.  I have been all around animal obsessed for all of my 54 yrs of life and apply all my learned knowledge to my breeding program.
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