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Welcome to my updated web-site!  ​I hope you enoy the fresh new changes....always a work in progress!

News & Announcements

We are planning 2 litters for 2019

~ Millie & Ty for a spring breeding with puppies ready summer (July) 2019 

~ Cleo & Ty for a fall breeding, details of better timeline on that litter will be coming.

My waiting lists for the Millie litter is FULL...wait list for Cleo is well started and I will take more names for that litter AFTER the Millie litter so I know I am able to help all those customers first.

Picture to the left is welcoming our 2 new hopefuls that I got at age 12 wks...I will be keeping one of these boys and Matching one To a loving pet home.  I will take my time choosing and in the meantime I am enjoying socailizing, training & rearing these guys up!  They are big pups!

​I will keep my news & annoucement section current!  So check here first for all new information.

What Are Royal Poodles
​by breeder, jean Miller

Here at Solo Standards, we LOVE poodles bigtime - especially Royal Poodles. If you are wondering what Royal Poodles are and if they are a separate breed, here is my opinion.  Royal Poodles are Standard Poodles that are ROYAL (large) in size.  It is just a word describing the type of poodle we breed for within the Standard poodle breed....not a seperated breed.  Although my poodles are large, statetly dogs, I do not consider them a gaint breed such as great danes or iris wolfhounds.

I can best describe what I personaly find and breed for in my dogs by saying... "I love a royal size poodle.  I keep grace, correct structure and agility in my dogs.  To me royal poodle means large size, good bone, a noble, gentle and very distinct character.  These are my personal goals in my poodles,"

Poodles are simply amazing. They are smart, affectionate, easy to train, loyal, and they are athletes!  They are a healthy, low-shedding breed that gets along great other pets as well as with kids.  

Please be commited to the dog and breed before adding a puppy to your family. 

Looking For Your Next Family Addition?

If you are on the lookout for the best place to find exceptional Royal Standard Poodles to welcome into your home and heart - you could not have come to a better place!
Solo Standards is a Nebraska based Royal Standard Breeder dedicated to producing top quality standard and Royal Standard Poodles that possess all the desirable poodle traits. We have a strict and carefully planned breeding program that produces healthy, beautiful, smart, and Fun loving black, cream and brown standard poodles.

please note, I do not ship my puppies and usually have 2 litters a  year.  
I advocate meeting the breeder & parent dogs!

Royal Poodle Puppies!

Here at Solo Standards, we believe that quality never happens by chance. As a breeder with a wealth of knowledge and experience in breeding dogs we know  it takes careful planning and a lot of hard work and dedication to get it right.

 if you are in search of the type of poodle you see here...then there is only one name to keep in mind,

 Solo Standards!