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Puppy Availability
***  Cleo & Ty pups are here!  Born June 27, 2019 ***

We have 10 Big, bold brown pups....this litter is spoken for until we pick puppies to families...there might be 1 available and will not know until then.  I stay flexible with that last pup until we pick pups to families with my customers with deposits.

Breeding for a very special type of Royal Standard Poodle
This is my passion, A hobby.....yet so much more. 

Price: $2000, limited AKC papers,  Prices are firm

​Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7 wks old and they begin to leave for homes at 8-9 weeks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.  
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.

Ty & Cleo 
​Litter born June 27,  2019
​Our Brown litter is here!

All Puppies are spoken For

Our Coffee Litter!
Our Cleo litter are 7 wks old and start to leave for new homes next week!!  My go home dates are from Aug 22- 29.  If you have not please call me to get a date for picking your puppy up.  But first, expect a call from me this weekend (Sat-Sun) as I go down the list and we pick puppies to families.
At this point, I visit in detail with my customers.
 This is a great litter,  no shy ones on the forefront...as usual I have some with a little more energy and a few pretty laid back ones...overall they are all people-loving, tails up, happy go lucky pups for families to go forth with.  I am proud of their conformation, tail sets and movement!
Pretty breathtaking if I may say so myself!

We made the trip to my Vet on Thurs for first puppy vaccinations & wellness check-up which everyone did great.  They all traveled very well!!!  I am not close to my Vet so it is quite a first outing for them, a good indication of how they may travel for your trips home.    My Vet always comments on how big, strong, calm and well behaved my pups are!

This is a sentimental time for me as I will be re-tiring Cleo from breeding.  She is a good mom but she has had 2 huge litters  (13 pups each time with 10 live pups both times) and that is just a lot of babies for all accounts of carrying them, whelping them and feeding them!  So I will not ask it of her again...I consider her my responsibility and have her best interest at heart even tho I must say...she gives me some of my prettiest pups.   Cleo will be going to live with my mother-in-law very near us.  She had one of my re-tired girls who passed away last fall at age 13...so she is waiting patiently for Cleo and I will see Cleo tons...it's a win win! 
OK EVERYONE...here we go...talk to you soon!

Mr Coffee​​
Brown Male,  tan collar    12.4 lbs at 7 wks
Nice big, square, strong built, handsome pup looking to be a good all-around type personality, leaning on the laid back side as of now...very lovable!
This guy keeps growing into himself and is a very happy, fun pup...he will be big!  I love his head and he has great expression. 

​Going home with Corrie  to Montana!

Going home with Gary & Eileen to Colorado

Brown Male,  Blue Collar    13.0 lbs at 7 wks old
Very BIG, Very dark brown guy here!  Handsome, sweet & laid back!
***Not sure what to add...he is REALLY big, REALLY dark brown and is still a laid back pup...fun & loving for sure...but one of the first ones to find a spot for a nap and when he plops down...he stays down for a while!

Going home with Chad, Tess & family to Wyo
Re-turn customer so joining  Tom also who is 11 yrs old!

Sable Male,  Grey Collar    11.1 lbs at 7 wks old
These are Grandkids of my Drover....and we got a sable...update this guy is a brindle!​
​This guy has really begun to come out of his shell...I still call him one of the more mellow ones but plenty playful and very soulful!  He should be a good size, I call him nice and large but not huge.

​Going home with Michael to Oklahoma...return customer!  He will join Vennie too!

Brown Male,  Green Collar   11.9 lbs at 7wks
​ Another  dark brown, big, handsome, fun pup.  I think this guy gets more handsome by the day...he should be a big poodle as an adult and he has some real charater!  Still a happy medium type temperament.

Going home with Michelle & Steve to Texas...re-turn customer so Peets will be joining Abi!

Brown Male,  Yellow Collar   10.6 lbs at 7 wks
Guess we have to call this guy the runt of the litter at birth...but he is catching up fast and he will not be a runt, look at those legs already!  He had a natural amazing vigor for life from birth and it shows in his personality...he is funny, smart, smart, smart and so darn cute!  Very lovable dude here! 
Only thing to add is that he continues to grow and catch up and that he has tons of love and personality to add to your life.  I feel he will be a nice size but whoever gets him will have to let me know for sure what he matures to.  He has a handsome head and his conformationis very correct.

​Going home with Jeanne & Dale to WA

Brown Female,  Peach & White Collar    11.0 lbs at 7 wks
​One of the bigger females, very pretty head, a very sweet pup.
She is simply a sweetheart and so pretty!  She has those kind eyes and will be very easy to get a long with!

​Going home with Kim in Nebraska!

Brown Female,  Purple & White Collar   11.8 lbs at 7 wks old
She has some brindle coming in on her face, her body is solid dark brown.  So her coloring/pattern is a bit different.  She is the largest female pup in this litter and will be big like her mother.  She is overall calm but still plenty of fun, she seeks me out all the time for her individual attention!
She has more of that keen, noble presence.  I am calling her my striking girl.   She will be a super nice, smart, long legged girl.  It is very hard for me to not keep her as I tend to prefer this large striking type but for other reasons, I am keeping a different pup in this litter.

​Staying with us!

Brown Female,  Green & White Collar   9.10 lbs at 7 wks
She is a fancy one...a mover...a looker...a real character...one of those pups you can't help but smile when you watch her!

​Tails up.... I'm holding her back to watch her a bit longer!
She's got the moves, the conformation and some sass!  I am hoping she is a clone of her Sire!  We'll see.

Going home with Doug & Kris in Nebraska!​

Brown Female,  Pink & White Collar    9.14 lbs at 7 wks 
​Another really fancy mover & looker, so very sweet too!
She actually grew a lot last week...a really fancy, very dark brown pup with a good all-around temperament.

Going home with Cathy & Joseph to NY
re-turn customer so she is joining Romeo too!

Brown Female,  Pink Collar    9.8 lbs at 7 wks
Very dark brown,  another real pretty pup who like the last two has the fancy movement that turns your head.  This pup is very sweet and will fit into a family very easily.
She can really talk with her eyes...she is adorable.

My 10 Beautiful Coffee Pups!
​5 weeks old

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director

Just a few added notes...it took me all week to do baths and take pictures...between thunder showers, down poors and sunshine everyday...I had to work with the weather.   Lighting of course is differant in the pictures.  I try to show good shots of every pup and a full body picture, I hope this helps in choosing. Tails grow in...poodle puppy tail hair is not nearly as full as it becomes as they grow and can look sparce in some pictures...eyes turn brown, it can take up to 9 wks to do so.  I only add these things as they are asked all the time and so thought I would just put it on here.  These are fun pups and all are good size....my small pups are other breeders average or large pups.    Thanks everyone!