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Millie & Ty pups are here!
Born April 19, 2019

I have deposits on 9 of the 10 puppies...will know about the availability of last pup later this week.

I will post pictures at 1 wk, 3wks, 5wks, 7wks and of pups going home with their families at 8-9 wks old.

Please Note....we do not pick puppies until 7wks old.  I go into every litter committed to letting the pups grow/develop before we choose puppy to family.
I hope those with deposits on pups will enjoy the process.

Prices: $2000   
Please note prices are for limited AKC reg.  NO BREEDING rights unless discussed beforehand and that price is more.

I only breed for 2 litters a year and look for the best homes for my puppies with people who are willing to commit.  We do not pick puppies out until they are 7 to 8 weeks old. 

Next Litter Will Be Spring/Summer 2019 and then fall 2019
First 9 deposits are taken on my first litter. Waiting list on my fall litter is well started.  

Ty & Millie litter 
 April 19, 2019

This litter is our "CANDY LITTER"  and if the names sound like a 4 yr old helped me...she did!  My granddaughter, Hattie, has talked about a candy litter for awhile and there was no keeping her away from meeting them.
We name each puppy here...you of course are free to change the names!  We get to know each puppy and I love to assist my puppy customers in picking puppies.  

10 pups, 3 males (Whopper, Bing & Oh Henry) 7 females (Snickers, Skittles, Cotton Candy, Lollipop, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat & Twizzler.)  Blacks, browns, creams & 1 black & white parti.  I will start posting individual pictures at 1 wk old (this Friday)  So many details will come with those pictures.  Just giving a glimpse at this beautiful litter!

True love is when you hug momma dog before you kiss each puppy!
Millie is exceptional with my grandkids!!  She is actually priceless!

Individual pictures coming soon!
Millie is doing great & so are the puppies!